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Version: v0.4


Karpor is an emerging open-source project, and we are committed to diligently polishing it into a small and beautiful, vendor-neutral, developer-friendly, community-driven open-source project! 🚀 Moving forward, we will focus our efforts in the following areas:

  • Refine Karpor's usability to lower the barrier of entry and make it sufficiently "user-friendly."
  • Strengthen Karpor's reliability to ensure it is dependable in production environments.
  • Deepen the ecosystem integration with more community tools to ensure openness.
  • Explore AI + Karpor to create more possibilities.
  • Embrace the open-source community; we love the open-source spirit. If you're interested in open source, then start here!
  • ......

Karpor follows the Release Process and Cadence Guide, but actions may not strictly adhere to the roadmap. We may adjust milestones based on feedback from community meetings and GitHub issues, expecting all community members to join the discussions. For final decisions, please refer to the GitHub milestones.

Below is the detailed roadmap, which we will continue to update âŦ‡ī¸