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Version: v0.4


Intelligence for Kubernetes ✨

📖 What is Karpor?

Karpor is Intelligence for Kubernetes. It brings advanced 🔍 Search, 💡 Insight and ✨ AI to Kubernetes. It is essentially a Kubernetes Visualization Tool. With Karpor, you can gain crucial visibility into your Kubernetes clusters across any clouds.
We hope to become a small and beautiful, vendor-neutral, developer-friendly, community-driven open-source project! 🚀

💡 Why Karpor?

🔍 Search

⚡ī¸ Automatic Syncing
Automatically synchronize your resources across any clusters managed by the multi-cloud platform.

🔍 Powerful, flexible queries
Effectively retrieve and locate resources across multi clusters that you are looking for in a quick and easy way.

💡 Insight

🔒 Compliance Governance
Understand your compliance status across multiple clusters and compliance standards.

📊 Resource Topology
Logical and topological views of relevant resources within their operational context.

📉 Cost Optimization
Coming soon.

✨ AI

đŸ’Ŧ Natural Language Operations
Interact with Kubernetes using plain language for more intuitive operations.

đŸ“Ļ Contextual AI Responses
Get smart, contextual assistance that understands your needs.

🤖 AIOps for Kubernetes
Automate and optimize Kubernetes management with AI-powered insights.

🌈 Our Vision

The increasing complexity of the kubernetes ecosystem is an undeniable trend that is becoming more and more difficult to manage. This complexity not only entails a heavier burden on operations and maintenance but also slows down the adoption of new technologies by users, limiting their ability to fully leverage the potential of kubernetes.
We wish Karpor to focus on 🔍 search, 📊 insights, and ✨ AI, to break through the increasingly complex maze of kubernetes, achieving the following value proposition:

🙌 Karpor vs. Kubernetes Dashboard

User Interface
Ability to connect to multiple clusters simultaneously
Aggregated Resource View
Human-friendly view for resources
Security Compliance
Automatic scanning risk, assessing health score
Resource Relationship Topology
Insight into the context of resources

🎖ī¸ Open Source Contributors

Thanks all! đŸģ

Follow Contributing Guide, come and join us! 👇

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