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Version: v0.4


Intelligence for Kubernetes ✨

📖 What is Karpor?

Karpor is Intelligence for Kubernetes. It brings advanced 🔍 Search, 💡 Insight and ✨ AI to Kubernetes. It is essentially a Kubernetes Explorer/Kubernetes Dashboard. With Karpor, you can gain crucial visibility into your Kubernetes clusters across any clouds and empower developers to ship faster.
We hope to become a small and beautiful, vendor-neutral, developer-friendly, community-driven project! 🚀

💡 Why Karpor?

🔍 Search

Karpor Search
⚡ī¸ Automatic Syncing
Automatically synchronize your resources across any clusters managed by the multi-cloud platform.

🔍 Powerful, flexible queries
Effectively retrieve and locate resources across multi clusters that you are looking for in a quick and easy way.

💡 Insight

Karpor Insight
🔒 Compliance Governance
Understand your compliance status across multiple clusters and compliance standards.

📊 Resource Topology
Logical and topological views of relevant resources within their operational context.

📉 Cost Optimization
Coming soon.

✨ AI

karpor ai
đŸ’Ŧ Natural Language Operations
Interact with Kubernetes using plain language for more intuitive operations.

đŸ“Ļ Contextual AI Responses
Get smart, contextual assistance that understands your needs.

🤖 AIOps for Kubernetes
Automate and optimize Kubernetes management with AI-powered insights.

🙌 Karpor vs. Kubernetes Dashboard

User Interface
Ability to connect to multiple clusters simultaneously
Aggregated Resource View
Human-friendly view for resources
Security Compliance
Automatic scanning risk, assessing health score
Resource Relationship Topology
Insight into the context of resources

🎖ī¸ Open Source Contributors

Thanks all! đŸģ

Follow Contributing Guide, come and join us! 👇

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