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All About Your Modern Apps by Platform Engineering

Dynamic Configuration Management

Manage all application operations in one place, in a unified easy way

  • Environment-agnostic application configurations
  • Standardized and flexible platform configurations
  • Kubernetes-first, lightweight and user-friendly

Enable Developer Self-Service

Fulfill the customized needs with reusable building blocks

  • A growing open module ecosystem integrated with various cloud-native infrastructures
  • An efficient collaboration paradigm between App Developers and Platform Engineers
  • Building the golden path for end-to-end DevOps lifecycle management

Built-in Security and Compliance

From the first line of codes to production runtime

  • Codified shift-left validation to detect configuration risks
  • Extended check stages for workload lifecycle
  • Enterprise-grade fine-grained cluster control for Kubernetes

Adopted by

Ant Group

KusionStack is in Cloud Native Computing Foundation landscape

CNCF themed imageCNCF themed image