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Install with helm

KusionStack Operating requires Kubernetes version >= 1.18

# Firstly add charts repository if you haven't do this.
$ helm repo add kusionstack

# To update the kusionstack repo.
$ helm repo update kusionstack

# Install the latest version.
$ helm install operating kusionstack/operating

# Upgrade to the latest version
$ helm upgrade operating kusionstack/operating

# Uninstall
$ helm uninstall operating

Helm is a tool for managing packages of pre-configured Kubernetes resources.

Optional: chart parameters

The following table lists the configurable parameters of the chart and their default values.

namespacenamespace for Operating installationkusionstack-system
namespaceEnabledWhether to create the installation.namespacetrue
managerReplicasReplicas of Operating deployment3
image.repoRepository for operating imagekusionstack/operating
image.pullPolicyImage pull policy for operating-manager containerIfNotPresent
image.tagTag for operating-manager imagev0.1.0
resources.limits.cpuCPU resource limit of operating-manager container500m
resources.limits.memoryMemory resource limit of operating-manager container128Mi
resources.requests.cpuCPU resource request of operating-manager container10m
resources.requests.memoryMemory resource request of operating-manager container64Mi