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Version: v0.11 🚧

Kusion Commands

Kusion is the Platform Orchestrator of KusionStack


As a Platform Orchestrator, Kusion delivers user intentions to Kubernetes, Clouds and On-Premise resources. Also enables asynchronous cooperation between the development and the platform team and drives the separation of concerns.

kusion [flags]


  -h, --help                    help for kusion
--profile string Name of profile to capture. One of (none|cpu|heap|goroutine|threadcreate|block|mutex) (default "none")
--profile-output string Name of the file to write the profile to (default "profile.pprof")


  • kusion apply - Apply the operational intent of various resources to multiple runtimes
  • kusion build - Build Kusion modules in a Stack to the Intent
  • kusion compile - Deprecated: Use 'kusion build' to generate the Intent instead
  • kusion destroy - Destroy resources within the stack.
  • kusion init - Initialize the scaffolding for a project
  • kusion preview - Preview a series of resource changes within the stack
  • kusion version - Print the Kusion version information for the current context
  • kusion workspace - Workspace is a logical concept representing a target that stacks will be deployed to
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